Dev Dongol is a self-taught photographer and tourism professional based in the Himalayan country, Nepal. He lives in Patan, the city of artists and artisans. He comes from an artisans’s family and his close relation with creative people of art and craft world has developed a sense of creativity in him. Travel and photography are his passions and he is lucky to have them as his professions side by side like a cherry on the cake. Working as a tourism professional, he has got the opportunity to see different regions of Nepal, India and Tibet and  to capture the beauty of the place at the same time. His pictures explain people why they should travel and that we never finish discover new things in our life.

He has participated national geographic travel photo contest several times as well as he has been selected in Photo journalists’ club photo contest last couple of years.

He enjoys meeting local people and capture them in his frames. He thinks that no discovery is complete without understanding traditions, culture and life style of local population. His contact with local people has let him laugh with them and cry with them.

As he travels around 6 months every year, his pictures cover a great deal of landscapes, flora and fauna, he calls it travel and nature photography. He believes that mother nature has so much in stock for us that we never finish discover and learn.

In recent years he has developed interest in macro photography and night photography. He adores colorful and unbelievably interesting macro world and says a whole lot of things happen around us that we don’t even notice.


Night photography is another field of his creativity. He just admires looking at the starry night sky and fascinates capturing his imagination of our immense universe through his lens. He loves shooting starry night sky in the high Himalayas as there is no light pollution and it’s the highest region of the planet.

He is self-taught photographer and he has learnt through trail and error method. He has been doing it since last 15 years but he still says that there is so much to learn and that he looks forward to the opportunities to enhance his photography skill and know the world better…