Macro photography

Macro photogarphy lets us discover a new world that we have been ignoring all those years, which is very interesting and colorful. It helps us see the world through a different aspect.


Local people and their lifestyle, their culture and their traditions cover a large part of any travel holidays. They are the heart of the discovery of new places. Without knowing the traditions and culture followed by local population, we can never discover any society.


Traveling is one of the most important parts of our life. It helps us to learn new things. It is real pleasure to see new places and meet new people. Nature has a lot in store for us to discover. It is the most powerful and most beautiful.

Night Photography

I always get fascinated by the night sky and recently I developed a great interest in night photography. It is very interesting to see the night through the lens and I am very much overwhelmed to see the color that we can not see with bare eyes… and yes it needs a lot of effort […]